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DFR are delighted to be involved in releasing the 3rd full length LP from French Psych overlords SERVO In partnership with Le Cepe Records and EXAG Records.
We will have 70 copies available via this page.

French three-piece SERVO deal in the kind of dark, post-punk noise-rock that storms with ease
between gloomy, hypnotic moments and bouts of powerful, motorik noise. With their 2016 debut
‘The Lair of Gods’ behind them, the Rouen based band have released their second album, ‘Alien’, via Fuzz Club on May 2020.
SERVO’s sound finds an unstable home between heavy, droning psych-rock and gothic post-punk; forlorn, jangling guitars and deep, austere vocals breaking down into piercing blasts of feedback and distortion.
Comprised of Arthur Pierre (guitar/vocals), Louis Hebert (bass/vocals) and Hugo Magontier (drums/vocals), SERVO have spent the last few years bringing their intense live show – an assault of trance-inducing noise and blinding flashes of light – to growing audiences around mainland Europe and the UK.
After a couple of typically riotous and deafening shows in London, at underground haunts like The Shackwell Arms and The Windmill, the band caught the attention of Fuzz Club, ticking all the label’s boxes: overloading on fuzz, reverb and drone.
'Monsters' is the name of the third album and the objective is still the same : the music is to serve the live. Create a powerful and immersive show. Each track is blessed by brutality and heaviness. This time released in conjunction with EXAG records, Le Cepe Records and Dirty Filthy Records.
The place left after the storm can be filled with details and complexity, as predictable than unexpected.
The audience is captured, hypnotized and no one can escape.