Tren Go! Sound System / Ornamental - Assessment

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Tren Go! Sound System / Ornamental - Assessment

Split label release with Pink Tank Records.
Ltd to 500 copies on opaue cream coloured vinyl.
We have 150 copies for sale via our big cartel site only.

Pedro Pestana (Tren Go! Sound System) and Sidney Yendis (Ornamental) join forces to bring us this trip into another dimension

In the wise words of DFR’s Tony…………………

Who loves NIN, British Sea Power, Moon Duo, Hey Colossus and Public Service Broadcasting? You do? Us too.
Which means we also love this release.
That’s not to say it doesn’t have its own expertly crafted sound though – effects laden surf guitar, optimistic bass lines, trance inducing drums, menacing atmosphere and beautiful melodies abound in this meritorious album.

Loop the loop on board this TG!SS // Ornamental locomotive for the first time on vinyl